Government Advisor

Theodore (Ted) Venners, Founder, was born in Germany, began his energy career in 1978 when he and his partner formed Ft. Union Coal Mine near Gillette, Wyoming in the United States, which he sold to TOTAL Petroleum of France.

Ted worked with SRI International on various clean clean fuel technologies. Ted served as Chairman of C-Lock Technologies, which calculates and measures carbon emissions to create carbon credits. During the Clinton administration, he served on the Sustainable Cities Initiative where he proposed Kaliningrad as the select city and worked on rehabilitating its district heating system.

His early career was as executive assistant to the Governor of South Dakota followed by a successful Real Estate development company. Pre-COVID, Ted spent his time between China and the US developing the China-US Club to establish better business relations with entrepreneurs and public companies. In 2020, Ted relocated to Vancouver to establish Healthy Apparel. 


Scientific Advisor

Professor Joseph Wing-On Tam is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of DiagCor Bioscience Incorporation Limited. Professor Tam is a research pioneer with over 30 years of teaching and research experience in the biotechnology and diagnostics sector. Professor Tam is a Visiting Professor at UCSF, Baylor Medical College and Medical College of Georgia, Scientist of National Institute of Health, Associate Professor and Honorary Associate Professor of Medical Faculty of Hong Kong University. He is the Founder and President of the Hong Kong Biochemistry Association.

With the support of UNESCO, Professor Tam organized and trained the first group of scientists in China and Asia Pacific Regions on recombinant DNA research in 1983. During his years of teaching and research at HKU, Professor Tam invented and patented the “flow-through hybridization technology.

Following his passion for Molecular Diagnostics, Professor Tam established DiagCor in 2006. He strives to influence and inspire the talent of Hong Kong’s next generation in biotechnology.

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Dr. Sze Tung-Po Eric

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Sze expertise and research interests including probiotics, microbiological testing of filter materials, mass spectrometry, toxicology, laboratory management systems’ accreditation. He had been working as a consultant with the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) of HKSARG to evaluate the Air Services Laboratory in 2015 and currently as an Expert Witness for EPD prosecution cases related to contaminated waste plastics and metals.

Anthony Law Photo_edited.jpg

Dr. Anthony Kwok-yung Law

Scientific Advisor

Dr. Anthony Kwok-yung Law graduated from the University of Minnesota, Institute of Technology,Department of Mechanical Engineering and later received his Ph.D. from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Department of Building Services Engineering . He has been utilizing his knowledge of particle measurement and instrumentations from his early study to develop the Indoor Air Quality assessment scheme for commercial buildings in Hong Kong, which has been adopted by the HKEPD.

His experiences lead him to further develop compact air treatment devices and earn a few patents on special air purification system, which are now being applied worldwide. He has been continually serving the manufacturing industry for the past 17 years, developing products for Philips, Panasonics, Honeywell and others. Dr Law is the author of over 15 journal articles and inventor of over 15 patents. He is currently a Adjunct Associate Professor of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and a Visiting Lecturer of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, mainly teaching indoor air quality technology in modern buildings. He is also the inventor of NCCO & EVQSENSE. which are widely applied industrial wise.

HY Poon Photo_edited.jpg

Dr. Poon Hon-Yung

Scientific Advisor

Dr Poon originally trained as a pharmacist (London) and a pharmacologist (Cambridge). Over the past 25 years he has worked extensively in the biomedical and healthcare industries. He specializes in new business and product development, regulatory affairs and clinical trial and project management. He built from scratch the entire clinical study department for CK Life Sciences, at the time the biggest biotechnology company in Hong Kong and had initiated GCP-compliant clinical trials in Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong.  He worked with the biggest pharmaceutical logistics company in Asia to set up the first drug group purchasing company in Taiwan with a combined annual drug purchasing power of NTD2.2 billions.  He also worked in the energy sector to help companies improve energy efficiency to reduce green house gas production.   Dr Poon has consulted extensively with foreign government agencies in identifying suitable investment and trade opportunities in Hong Kong and Greater China.  

Over the past 3 years Dr Poon has been working closely with Prof Joseph Tam to guide aspiring entrepreneurs based in Hong Kong and Greater China through the perilous journey facing every tech start-ups.  The sole objective of the partnership is to help the portfolio companies to optimize their business and R&D strategies to get the ventures off the ground. The 9 portfolio companies span across a wide spectrum of technologies including innovative polymer material with antibacterial & antiviral properties, “first-in-class” cancer immunotherapies, microfluidic diagnostics, VOC biomarker breathalysis, to name just a few.

Dominique Tu Image.jpeg

Dominique Tu


Visionary serial entrepreneur with senior executive experiences in listed companies and startups.

Over 20+ years experiences in Greater China and Asia Pacific; focus in deep tech with strong background in identifying new opportunities and drive both the R&D team and Sales team to capture upcoming opportunities and bring the company to the next level.

Solid experiences in SaaS , Smart Building, Smart City, IoT, Banking, Telecom, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Gerontechnology, OEMs/ ODMs, Mobile Advertising sectors.