Laboratory Scientist

Research Partners


Department of Virology
Faculty of Medicine and Health Technology
Tampere University

Virology group of Tampere University has a long experience in studies evaluating the role of viruses and other microbes in immune-mediated diseases.

The group has made several publications about microbe-disease associations in prospective cohorts and translated innovations to develop new treatments and better diagnostics.

One major initiative is the project developing an enterovirus vaccine that could prevent severe enterovirus diseases and type 1 diabetes.

The long-term commitment to these research topics has created a strong research center in Tampere with wide international collaboration networks.

Medical school of Tampere University is the second largest in Finland.


Virology Research-Service Group
Institue of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
of the Czech Academy of Sciences

Virology research-service team assists in the IOCB drug discovery program by providing an in-house BSL3 facility for the screening of antiviral compounds against a variety of viruses and collaborates with other IOCB groups in projects involving viruses.

Antiviral screening is currently performed against human immunodeficiency virus, influenza virus, dengue virus, herpes simplex virus, and coxsackievirus.

Furthermore, we collaborate with other groups to improve entry of active compounds into cells using liposomal and macrocyclic delivery systems. In addition, we are involved in the search of nanoparticles and nanomaterials with antiviral and virucidal activity.

Finally, in our research we are mainly focused on interactions of hepatitis B virus core protein with host cell proteins.


The Institute for Research in Innovative Technology and Sustainability (IRITS)
School of Science and Technology
The Open University of Hong Kong

The Institute for Research in Innovative Technology and Sustainability (IRITS) was established with an aim to consolidate current research disciplines conducted by S&T and develop research capacity in other potential disciplines. At the beginning, IRITS will focus on two research disciplines for strategic development – environmental science and advanced network technologies. Strategic directions in other disciplines will be identified through relevant research activities.

With the newly established framework and structure, the research institute is in a proper position to dedicate her effort to developing synergy for more theme-based research areas which will lead to establishment of other research centres in the years to come.


Faculty of Textile Engineering
Technical University of Liberec

Founded in 1960 as part of what was then the University of Mechanical Engineering of Liberec, the Faculty of Textile Engineering offers courses exploring the field of textile technologies, marketing and design. It is the only faculty in the Czech Republic to provide university-level qualifications across the entire range of textile courses, and its distinct scientific and research direction reaches beyond the borders of the EU as well as the Czech Republic.

The FTE is a renowned leader in the field of nanofibres, with discoveries such as the new technology of producing nanofibre textiles making it one of the prestigious higher education institutions. This technology led not only to industrial-scale production of nanofibres but also products made of this material.